6th September 2016

Glastonbury Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group held on Tuesday 6th September 2016 in the Council Chamber at Glastonbury Town Hall at 7.00pm

PRESENT: Gerard Tucker (Neighbourhood Planning Officer), Cllr Jon Cousins, Cllr Lindsay MacDougall, Cllr Emma George, Cllr John Keery, Cllr Terry Napper, Cllr John Brunsdon, Cllr Steve Henderson, Robert Macbeth, Helen Moore, Paul Lund, Malcolm Higgins, Kevin Redpath, Katherine Clarke, Theo Wilson, Paul Manning.
APOLOGIES: None received
1). Welcome and introductions. Jon Cousins welcomed everyone to the meeting followed by brief introductions.
2). Progress since the previous meeting
Application for Awards for All. The application was composed by Somerset Rural Community Council and submitted in mid-August for the purpose of obtaining funds to complete a Housing Needs Survey. Unfortunately, our application was unsuccessful. The reasons given are:

1) The evidence of need for the project was not considered strong enough.

2) The changes the project would bring about does not fit with the expectations of A4A.

3) It is unclear whether the project is a statutory provision of the council. Gerard was asked to contact Somerset RCC and try to renegotiate the cost of completing a survey. He was further advised to contact My Community and apply for funds to undertake this work. The amount of money remaining with My Community is insufficient, hence the reason for a discussion with Somerset RCC. (post meeting update – meeting arranged with Somerset RCC on 23rd September)

Heritage and Character consultation. Discussions with My Community, particularly sharing the enormity of heritage in Glastonbury and the restrictions to development in the town has resulted in 40 days additional support. The heritage and character assessment of the conservation area of the town will not be replicated. The study will look closely at the future of the Morlands and Bailey’s buildings and how they might be brought forward to useable commercial use.

Neighbourhood Plan website. Kevin Redpath has been enormously supportive in the creation of the new website. You are encouraged to view the site on www.glastonbury-community.org.uk

Creation of a spreadsheet entitled ‘reaching the hard to reach’. A discussion followed on how we may engage with those who are less likely to involve with the NHP, yet whose needs could influence the outcome of the plan. It was resolved that we should reconsider this subject after the consultation event on 14th and 15th October

Business questionnaire. The draft questionnaire was shared with the group. Various suggestions were made on how to improve the content, include disclaimers and make it easier to complete. It was agreed that following the amendments, the business questionnaire would be circulated to members for their comments.

3). Consultation event 14th & 15th October
The purpose of the event is to engage with residents of Glastonbury and learn of their ideas and concerns on the future development of the town. There are four key themes that the Neighbourhood Plan can influence – Residential, Commercial, Green and open spaces & Community buildings.
The format will be a drop in session on both the Friday evening and Saturday morning where attendees will have the opportunity to view existing plans, whilst also leaving their thoughts on future developments. St Dunstan’s House will be open during the event and visitors will be able to tour the property and share their ideas for its future use.
Promotion of the vent will be with two large banners to be displayed at the front of St Dunstan’s House and the Town Hall. Social media will be used where appropriate and posters and leaflets are to be created and distributed prior to promote the event.
Volunteers to assist with manning various tables and areas during the drop in session will be helpful. A list nearer the date asking for people’s availability will be circulated.

4). Developing a social media platform
Now that the website is up and running, there is little to prevent the introduction of both Twitter and Facebook use. Responsibility for managing the social media platform will rest with the clerk’s office. Glastonbury Town Council has already debated and approved the idea of creating a social media account. On Gerard’s return from leave, it is intended that the NHP social media sites will be implemented
5). Date of next meeting
It was agreed that the next meeting will focus on the consultation event and will be held on Wednesday 5th October, 7.00pm in the Council Chamber
There being no other business, the meeting closed at 8.45pm