3rd April 2017

Glastonbury Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group held on Monday 3rd April 2017 in the Council Chamber at Glastonbury Town Hall at 7.00pm

PRESENT: Gerard Tucker (Neighbourhood Planning Officer), Cllr Emma George, Cllr John Coles, Cllr John Brunsdon, Cllr Lindsay MacDougall, Cllr Steve Henderson, Malcolm Higgins, Robert Macbeth, Paul Lund, Kevin Redpath, Paul Manning.

APOLOGIES: Cllr Jon Cousins. Katherine Clarke

1). Welcome and introductions. Cllr Emma George presided over the meeting as Cllr Cousins was unable to attend. The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting.
2). Revised actions following MDC Planning Policy input.
Gerard Tucker informed that there are six areas key to the Neighbourhood Plan that need further research before policies can be suggested. Each of the groups requires a lead person from within the Neighbourhood Plan group to engage with volunteers and report back.
* Heritage and Culture Cllr John Brunsdon
* Green Infrastructure Cllr Steve Henderson
* Trees Cllr Lindsay MacDougall
Malcolm Higgins Kevin Redpath
* Contemporary Art Cllr Emma George
* Commercial and Residential Development land Gerard Tucker, Paul Manning, Robert Macbeth
* Travellers Cllr Jon Cousins (with the support of Cllr’s George and Henderson)

Each of the subjects were presented with examples of the additional research and community engagement to be considered. At the next wider community engagement event on 18th April, a short presentation on each subject area will be made and attendees will be asked to volunteer themselves to a task and finish group to further research the subject.

3). Preparation for the Annual Town Meeting on 18th April
The meeting scheduled for Tuesday 18th April is the annual town meeting which traditionally receives a report from the Mayor on the past years activities. The Neighbourhood Plan commenced in the current Mayoral year and a presentation at this point on the progress of the plan will be perfectly timed.

The format will be a short presentation on the progress of the plan to date, the main responses received at the community engagement event in October followed by a call to action from people interested in each of the core subjects (as detailed above). Advertising the event will be in the form of two large banners to be erected at the front of the town hall and near Tinbridge Roundabout. A5 size flyers have been printed as well as A4 notices. Members agreed to distribute these around the town as appropriate. Gerard was asked to prepare a news release for the local paper and to contact Glastonbury FM community radio.
4). Draft Local Plan II
On Tuesday 4th April, Mendip District Councils Planning Policy team are making a presentation to Councillors on the Local Plan consultation updates – referred to as Local Plan II. The various maps presented showed draft proposed Local Green Spaces and draft proposed Housing Allocations and Development Limit.

The discussion that followed identified a number of sites that have not been considered which should form part of a discussion with Mendip District Council.
Local Green Spaces
Land opposite the Red Brick Building
Cinnamon Lane recreation area
Brides Mound
Paradise Estate Play Area
Uppingstock Green Park

Housing Allocations and Development Limits
Land between the Meare Road and Katie Marsh’s land off the A39
Land in the vicinity of Tin Bridge roundabout at Wick.

7). Date of next meeting. It was agreed to hold the next meeting on Wednesday 3rd May 2017 in the Council Chamber, Town Hall.

There being no other business, the meeting closed at 8.40pm