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Steering Committee members

Steering Committee members

Community members

Ian Forster
Indra Francesco
Katherine Clarke
Kevin Redpath (Deputy-Chair)
Malcolm Higgins
Paul Lund
Paul Manning
Robert Macbeth
Suzi Martineau

Council Members

Cllr. Denise Abbott (Deputy Mayor)
Cllr. Emma George (Mayor)
Cllr. Gabriel Avalon
Cllr. John Brunsdon
Cllr. John Keery
Cllr. Lindsay MacDougall
Cllr. Steve Henderson
Chair: Cllr. Jon Cousins
Neighbourhood Plan Officer: Gerard Tucker (Deputy Town Clerk)

Sub Group Convenors

Contemporary Art – Emma George
Development and Commercial land – Gerard Tucker
Green Spaces – Steve Henderson
Heritage and Character – John Brunsdon
Travellers – Jon Cousins
Trees – Kevin Redpath