Local Green Spaces

The Mound Windmill Hill

Members of the Green Infrastructure group are: Steve Henderson, Gerard Tucker, Katherine Clark, Tim Knock, Paul Lund, Heather Hall,  Alyson Black, Tania Smart, Theo Wakeling and others

The group was tasked with identifying Local Green Spaces (LGS) for inclusion in the Neighbourhood Plan and the MDCs Local Plan 2.

Benedict Street Playing Fields

The reason for identifying sites was to protect them from future development.  The criteria for inclusion was that a site had to have one or more of the following:

1 Tranquillity

2 Historic value

3 Recreational value

4 Beauty

5 Wildlife habitat

Using these criteria the Group identified 11 sites of which 8 are being looked at for inclusion as a LGS.

 The sites are:

1 ‘The Mound’ Windmill Hill

2 Manor House Road gardens

3 Green border at Thorndun estate opposite the cemetery

4 Cinnamon Lane play area

5 St Bride’s mound

6 Paradise estate playing field

7 Land adjacent to Benedict Street (Scout hut)

8 Land at entrance to St Dunstan’s Park estate

 While investigating the LGS it has thrown up associated issues such as wild life corridors.  This will involve working with the Tree group and other existing Green space curators such as the Abbey, Rural Life Museum etc.